I’m always looking for strong postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, or students to join the lab. I am happy to support trainees who want to work on topics such the brain basis of DLD, dyslexia, or neurodevelopmental disorders of speech and language, as well as reward and motivation or decision making in the domains of reading and language. There are a number of funding opportunities for which we could develop applications, I’ve listed the main ones of interest to RHUL applicants. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss these, or other opportunities, further!

***We currently have open positions funded by an MRC grant: postdoctoral ad live here, PhD studentship and RA position to be advertised shortly***

Postdoctoral opportunities

Doctoral studentships

  • Royal Holloway is a member of the SeNSS DTP, and strong students in the ESRC remit are encouraged to apply for these studentships. In addition, there are studentships offered by the department, which typically involve some teaching. Both these routes involve an initial application to the department.
  • Royal Holloway is also a member of the BBSRC LiDO DTP – students interested in this route need to apply to LiDO directly.
  • A number of charities and organisations offer independent PhD funding, for example, the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund or the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds
  • If you are an international student, you may be able to apply for funding from your country, e.g. the Commonwealth Studentships


  • The Experimental Psychology Society offers an undergraduate and a graduate research bursary.
  • The SeNSS DTP also offers summer research placementsĀ 
  • Royal Holloway’s Summer Skill Development Placements
  • Royal Holloway Psychology Undergraduate Research Bursary

Study visits