Could your 11-13-year-old help with our research on understanding reading motivation?

“From early on, those with reading disorder fall into a vicious cycle: as they aren’t very good at reading, they don’t choose to read. As they don’t engage with reading, they don’t get better at reading. We want to understand how to break this cycle and boost reading enjoyment in adolescents with reading disorders.”

We are running two studies to understand why humans enjoy learning new words while reading, and whether this ‘buzz’ can be harnessed to boost learning in children with dyslexia. This work is funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences.

In the first study, we are looking for 11-13 year olds with dyslexia (as well as neurotypical children) to complete an MRI study. We offer a £40 voucher and a picture of their brain! This requires coming to our MRI scanner at Royal Holloway, University of London, in Egham, Surrey (our postcode is TW20 0EX). We can arrange parking on campus/cover reasonable travel costs. We are recruiting 25 children with dyslexia.

Our second study is an online study. This can be done remotely via Teams and takes about 2 hours. Children complete a set of games and reading tasks. We are looking for around 25 children with dyslexia aged 11-13. We offer a £20 voucher as a token of our thanks.

We offer appointments on weekends, evenings and school holidays. To sign up, parents can email us at or use the form below.

For example, if you want to let us know about other siblings